What are you thankful for? Is it joy? Is it provision? Is it healing? Is it salvation? Is it something different?

Thankfulness is something we all want from others, but it’s not necessarily something we all give to others. Before we can give thanks to people or to God, it’s important that we are first thankful in our own hearts. It comes from a humble heart that is both kind and understanding. I can think of many people who are grateful and serve others, putting them before themselves. Those are the kind of people we like to be around. Good manners of being thankful is what many of our parents instill in us from a young age. Having a thankful heart is respectful and it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right attitude. Thankfulness is showing gratitude to others and to God. It’s a value we should never forget and never stop practicing.

Thankfulness brings honor to others and to God. It’s out of that grateful heart that the Bible says the Lord will come. A thankful heart prepares the way for the Lord (Psalm 50:23). He envelops our praises and our thankfulness. We honor God when we thank Him. We honor others when we thank them. Thankfulness is and should be our response to God and to Jesus for all He has done for us.

In Thank You Lord I wanted to express the beauty of thankfulness and reflect on things I’m thankful for. Joy, Provision, Healing, and Salvation are just a few of those things. All of those come from the source of our life who is Jesus. Because of the cross and because of the resurrection, we can have all of those things and even more!

Let’s be thankful for all Jesus has so lovingly bestowed upon us. For I believe love is the reason we can be thankful. Christ’s love brings a thankful heart. Our thankful hearts rejoice in all He has done and all that He is. He is worthy of our praise and we are thankful for his great love!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.” – Psalm 136:1


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