Before I draw or paint, I like to ask the Lord, “What’s on your heart? What do you want to say to me or to the church?” Sometimes, He gives me an image, maybe a word. Sometimes I get both. As I draw or paint He reveals even more.  Many times I know in my spirit what He’s saying, but other times I have to wait patiently until He shows me the meaning. 

It’s amazing how God can speak His heart through artwork. Prophetic art goes beyond the canvas, speaking deeply into people’s lives, bringing restoration, encouragement, and healing.

I love to prophesy art and my hope and prayer is that through my artwork, the Holy Spirit will transform lives, encouraging them, one word and one image at a time.


Curtis Sikes

is an artist, photographer and author who lives in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

He enjoys creating prophetic art that “strengthens, encourages, and comforts people” (1 Corinthians 14:3). 

‘Speaking God’s Heart Through Art’ is his art motto and he hopes to encourage other artists to have fun creating Holy Spirit-inspired art.

Curtis also takes beautiful pictures of the sky and shares them weekly through his i-Sky Wonders Instagram page.




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